Words of Caution!


Presently in Utah, as in most other states, mediation is an unregulated professional field. It is important that, as a consumer of mediation services, you investigate the background, experience, and relevant credentials of your mediator and that you are aware of the ethical standards to which your mediator aspires.

There is presently no governing body for mediators to enforce professional standards and ethical guidelines. Because mediators have various backgrounds and professional affiliations, differing ethical standards will apply to different mediators.

If your mediator is on the roster supplied by the Utah State Courts (www.utcourts.gov), your mediator has committed to abide by certain ethical standards and principles and has agreed to be accountable to the Court system, as well as to their clients.  Should you have questions about the conduct of your mediator who is on the Court roster, you may contact Nini Rich, Director of ADR Programs, at (801) 578-3800 to discuss any complaints or concerns.